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Tweet for psychoanalysis

Division 39 welcomes member Emily Dunn to support our growing reliance on social media

By Nina K. Thomas, PhD

From the Public Relations Committee: Will you be our eyes on the ground? 

In the interest of making psychoanalysis a household word again, the Division 39's Committee on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis has added a new member with the specific mandate to get the word out about all things related to psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy and thinking. Emily Dunn, a recent graduate of Simmons College, knows social media well. But she needs to hear from all of us in order to be effective in her undertaking.

When you see something in any publication available via electronic means, one that you think would position our field and discipline in a contemporary or interesting way, let her know about it. You can even just "tweet" about an item of interest and post a link to it on Twitter including "@Div39InSight." If we want buzz out there about who we are and what we do we need to start promoting ourselves. Keep the tweets coming.

Nina Thomas, PhD, ABPP, Chair, Committee on Public Reations for Psychoanalysis