A publication of Division 39
October 2011

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Council representative report

InSight October 2011

In This Issue

  • Division news
    The success of the Early Career Committee Mentorship Program, the Public Relations Committee seeks those willing to endorse psychoanalysis/psychodynamic therapy, and local chapter news
    By Richard Ruth, PhD
  • A message from the editor
    Highlights include a $500 prize for graduate students, the Council Representative report, and the success of the Early Career Committee mentorship program
    By Tamara M. Greenberg, PsyD
  • Psychoanalytic news
    A book review by Darian Leader, a history of psychoanalysis and sex, a debate about individual therapy vs. group therapy, complex mental disorders, psychoanalysis on the Internet, and how mood disorders impact cardiovascular health
  • Recent publications by Division 39 members
    Division 39 members with new publications include David Chirko, BA; Christine C. Kieffer, PhD, ABPP; Michael Eigen, PhD; Ruth Lijtmaer, PhD; Richard M. Waugaman, MD; Jamieson Webster, PhD; and Mark Winborn, PhD