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Psychoanalytic news

A book review by Darian Leader, a history of psychoanalysis and sex, a debate about individual therapy vs. group therapy, complex mental disorders, psychoanalysis on the Internet, and how mood disorders impact cardiovascular health

Mad Worlds

A remarkably clear review of "What is Madness?", by Darian Leader in The Guardian points out the limits of "evidence based therapies" and the potential problems of government imposed CBT training for 6,000 NHS therapists.

Not All That?

One slant on the history of psychoanalysis and sex in the New York Times Book Review article on Adventures in the Orgasmatron.

Group Think

An article in The Atlantic ponders the limitations of individual therapy and the benefits of thinking about groups. 

Yet More Data 

The NIH releases an update of a meta-analysis entitled Long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy in complex mental disorders.

Psychoanalysis on the Internet

See International for articles on Victor Jara, the Placebo Effect, the Lacanian Movement and Robert Langs.

Last of Lucien

The famous grandson's final work to go on display in London.

Heart and Mood

More press describing the impact of mood disorders on cardiovascular health. 

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