Please join Section III: Women, Gender and Psychoanalysis

We invite you to join Section III and apply for the annual graduate student dissertation award of $500

Section III: Women, Gender, and Psychoanalysis, cordially invites graduate students and early career professionals to join us! We are offering free section memberships to the first 100 graduate students who contact us to join, and a very reduced membership fee of $10 to all early career professionals who join us. We are very committed to the needs and interests of developing clinicians and look forward to working with you.

The purposes of Section III include pursuing the following goals for women and men in a gendered society:  to support scholarship and professional development, to develop leadership skills, to promote networking opportunities, and to deepen understanding of contemporary, gender-related concerns involving work, play, and family.

We invite you to apply for the Section III annual award of $500 to a graduate student working on a dissertation relevant to gender.

Please contact Ruth Helein or call (336) 768-1113 to join us.