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Catch up with what's happening the worlds of psychology and psychoanalysis

Freud and The Republicans?
If you are following the Republican debates, check out this humorous take on the narcissism of petty differences.

Philosopher Freud
Gordon Marino in The New York Times ponders why it might be good to know about feelings.

Psychoanalysis on the Internet
See International for articles on psychoanalytic research, the dehumanization of psychoanalysis, psychoanalysis in Korea and Sigmund Freud, 1909.

The Amazing Bolgar
On the 102-year-old (still practicing) analyst, as featured in Los Angeles Times.

Our Advocates?
When psychoanalytic approaches are helpful. A brief blurb from Daily Mail.

The Right Stuff
The Wall Street Journal on finding a therapist.

Wars and Human Suffering
The Huffington Post on working with vets and the importance of a relational home.

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