A message from the Early Career Committee

The committee discusses plans for the 2012 Spring Meeting and Section IX of Division 39 will be participating in the mentoring program

The Division 39 Early Career Committee is preparing for upcoming events for 2012 Spring Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. A welcome table and many of our committee members will be onsite and available for any early career concerns. We have formed a public relations subcommittee in order to develop ways of sharing useful information for our members. We will be posting updates on the Division 39 website. We are creating a 1-page brochure that will help promote and identify benefits of joining Division 39 as an Early Career member. Exciting initiatives are being developed to promote Early Career perspectives and to expand our Mentorship Program to connect our members to senior analysts and clinicians for more mentoring opportunities. Section IX, Division 39's Section on Social Responsibility, has expressed interest in participating in our mentoring program. We are looking forward to connecting with other committees as these relationships help to foster continued growth and development. We encourage Early Career Psychologists to be in touch regarding their needs and goals so that we can better serve them!

Please check out all of the benefits of a Division 39 membership as an early career clinician. These include: discounts for membership, reduced rates to attend our Spring Conference, and invaluable social networking opportunities. We are looking forward to upcoming meetings and events, and hope to meet new members online for our group.