President's blog: Executive Committee meeting

The Executive Committee meets four times a year the evening before the Board of Directors meets, and discusses budgets, publications, the Practice Directorate, and the Council of Representatives.

By Bill MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP

The Executive Committee (EC) of the Division 39 Board consists of the officers of the Division (presidents, secretary, and treasurer) and Division Representatives to APA Council. We meet four times a year, typically the evening before the Division Board of Directors Meeting to clarify the agenda items that will be discussed at the meeting. Once a year, however, we meet separately from the Board, and we met last week to discuss and decide the following issues.

Budget Issues

One of the most important items up for discussion concerned the budget. We are facing a number of “large ticket” items in the coming year and our board and committees will be asked to look very carefully at expenditures. We are actually anticipating an increase in income from member dues, a very rewarding piece of news, since our other source of income (that is, royalties from the electronic version of our journal), while significant, is leveling off. Our other source of income is the profits from the Spring Meeting and that is always a matter of concern, especially in this tight economy. That said, our financial situation is quite stable and under the leadership of Marsha McCary, we have succeeded in building up considerable financial reserves. The Division Board will review and decide on the final shape of our budget in January.

Board and Committee Retreat at the Spring Meeting: April 17-18, 2011

One unusual expense will be for the upcoming retreat. The board members and committee chairs will be meeting a few days prior to the Spring Meeting (April 18-22) to discuss the current issues facing the Division and to help identify priorities for us in the coming years. This will be the first retreat in ten years (also held in Santa Fe). We will be asking our members for their ideas and advice in a more formal way around the beginning of the year, but please let us know your own priorities for the Division by writing me.