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Early Career Committee updates, the 2012 Spring Meeting, in memoriam: Norbert Freedman, local chapter news, abstract submission, and more

2012 Spring Meeting, Santa Fe

Since Freud set out to understand the unconscious in mental life, psychoanalysis has been part of the leading edge of creativity in human experience. It has been used to explore the depths of the mind, create theories that link the past to the present and elaborate a range of possibilities for the future. We have seen it alleviate the suffering of the individual in modern times and offer us the hope of helping communities and nations in a troubled world. Psychoanalysis touches our notions of art, medicine, science, business and politics. It is our wish that this conference will reflect and reconceptualize all of these areas and open the doors to creative exploration of life itself.

Keynote Speakers
  • Kenneth S. Kosik, MD, Co-director of the Neuroscience Research Institute in Santa Barbara.
    "How the brain tells our story: How we developed from molecules to mind."

  • Carlo Strenger, PhD, Existential psychoanalyst, chair of the clinical graduate program in the Department of Psychology at Tel Aviv University.
    "The Global Creative Class: Excitement and Discontent." 

  • Marilyn Metzl, PhD, ABPP

  • Sandra Kiersky, Ph.D.

Additional information and registration.

From the Early Career Committee

The Division 39 Early Career Committee has been conducting monthly phone meetings in order to share information and coordinate efforts regarding upcoming events, including plans for the 2012 Spring Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and developing the future vision of our mentoring program. Group members continue to share their efforts, as well as struggles and successes as early career clinicians.

Currently, our committee is excited to report about the pilot program, matching early career clinicians with senior members and analysts from the division. Three early career members submitted proposals for the Spring Meeting after working closely with their mentors; one was accepted. The program was started to help promote early career participation at the meeting, and to continue to forge relationships between early career members and established professionals. We are currently working on expanding the program so that other early career needs can be met through mentoring.

We have created a 1-page brochure that will help promote and identify benefits of joining Division 39 as an Early Career member. This literature will be displayed at the Early Career Table during our Spring Meeting. We are excited about this endeavor, as it will help to alert early career clinicians to opportunities for further participation and finding ways in which we matter.

Please check out all of the benefits of joining Division 39 as an early career clinician. These include: discounts for membership, reduced rates to attend our Spring Conference, and invaluable social networking opportunities. We are looking forward to upcoming meetings and events, and hope to meet new members online and also at the Spring Meeting. Please check out the Division 39 website for further information and current events.

Happy Holidays from the Early Career Committee!

Call For Participation

Poster Session to be held at the 32nd Annual Spring Meeting of the APA Division of Psychoanalysis (39) on Saturday, April 21st at the La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, NM.

The Research Committee invites submissions with empirical relevance to all areas of psychoanalytic theory and practice. Research can be qualitative or quantitative. Empirical studies from applied (clinical psychology, psychiatry, social work, etc.) and basic disciplines (developmental, social, or personality psychology, history of science, neuroscience, etc.) are encouraged. Submissions will be evaluated by an appropriate review panel without knowledge of submitters' identities.

Abstracts of selected posters will be published in a pamphlet distributed at the conference.

Posters will be judged at the conference and an award will be given to a selected graduate student and post-graduate poster. This award will be announced at the meeting.

In Memorium: Norbert Freedman, 1923 - 2011

By Marvin Hurvich

It is with great sorrow that I report the untimely death of Norbert Freedman, on November 30, 2011. To his many friends, patients, students and colleagues, in America, Europe and elsewhere, his passing is an irreplaceable loss of a much admired and beloved friend, mentor, role model, educator, clinician, and collaborator. To read the rest of this article please click here. 

Local Chapters

Northern California Society for Psychoanalytic Psychology, Impulse Newsletter, December, 2011.

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Submission of Abstracts

A cover page should include the title of your poster, author(s) names and affiliation(s), and corresponding author's contact information (phone, email, and fax). Also indicate if you are a graduate student. Please indicate if you would like your abstract published with name, affiliation, and email in the conference pamphlet. A second page should contain only the title and a 250 word (maximum) abstract.

Submit all abstracts via email. Make sure that the subject line reads "2012 Division 39 Meeting-Poster Session Abstract"

Submit abstracts and questions via email to: Natalie Shear Associates, Inc. 

The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012. For further information, please contact Jennifer Durham-Fowler or Johanna Malone.