Division 39 membership benefits

Enjoy the many benefits of a Division 39 membership

By Bill MacGillivray, PhD, ABPP, and Henry M. Seiden, PhD, ABPP

As a Division 39 member you are eligible to receive the following publications and services: 

By Post
  • Our journal, Psychoanalytic Psychology, published quarterly, edited by Elliot Jurist

  • Our review, DIVISION/Review, published quarterly, edited by David Lichtenstein  

By Email
  • Our newsletter, InSight, published monthly, edited by Tamara McClintock Greenberg 

  • Our email list, with periodic announcements of APA and Division activities, news, updates, and so on, maintained by our administrator, Ruth Helein

By Internet
  • Our website, with records and reports of Division, Section, and Local Chapter activities, and much more, edited by Barry Cohen 

  • PsycScan: Psychoanalysis, a compendium of abstracts of major psychoanalytic journals published quarterly.

  • From the President, a monthly blog from Bill MacGillivray.

  • Our print and email publications are also available on our website.

If You Are Not Receiving These Publications or Services

Please contact our administrator, Ruth Helein to update postal information, add you to our e-mail lists and so on. You may also contact one of the editors directly for further questions. You may also comment on our publication services by contacting Henry Seiden, Chair of the Publication Committee.

And there's more . . .

  • Members may subscribe to PEP-Web, a service offering every major psychoanalytic publication and a wide array of psychoanalytic books, for a yearly fee of $55.00. Contact Ruth Helein to subscribe.

  • Members may subscribe to International Psycho-Analytic AssociationJournal and Psychoanalytic Dialogues at reduced rates. Additional Membership benefits.