From the Editor

This month we feature updates for early career and graduate student colleagues, a summary of the Division 39 Board meeting and a fascinating study of the dogs in the Freud family

By Tamara M. Greenberg, PsyD

Welcome to the February issue of InSight. This issue has updates for our early career and graduate student colleagues, with a note from the new chairs of the Graduate Student Committee, Bart Magee and Brian Brown.

The Division 39 Board met last month. Be sure to see Bill MacGillivray's blog on the summary of that meeting.

Also, if you love dogs and find them therapeutic (or even if you don't) see Psychoanalytic News for a fascinating story on Freud and Anna's relationship with their canine objects and of course, each other.

Have a great month. As always, if you have any questions or thoughts feel free to get in touch!