2012 Division 39 Spring Meeting

The 32st Annual Spring Meeting and Master Classes programs are open to all mental health professionals, and participants may receive continuing education credit for attending one or more of these programs

Join us April 18-22, 2012, for "The Leading Edge of Creativity" Division 39 Spring Meeting in beautiful and serene Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Since Freud set out to understand the unconscious in mental life, psychoanalysis has been part of the leading edge of creativity in human experience. It has been used to explore the depths of the mind, create theories that link the past to the present and elaborate a range of possibilities for the future. We have seen it alleviate the suffering of the individual in modern times and offer us the hope of helping communities and nations in a troubled world. Psychoanalysis touches our notions of art, medicine, science, business and politics. It is our wish that this conference will reflect and reconceptualize all of these areas and open the doors to creative exploration of life itself.

Keynote speakers

  • Kenneth S. Kosik, MD, Co-director of the Neuroscience Research Institute in Santa Barbara.
    "How the brain tells our story: How we developed from molecules to mind."

  • Carlo Strenger, PhD, Existential psychoanalyst, chair of the clinical graduate program in the Department of Psychology at Tel Aviv University. "The Global Creative Class: Excitement and Discontent."


  • Marilyn Metzl, PhD, ABPP

  • Sandra Kiersky, PhD