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Conflicting Data
In spite of recent meta-analyses, which support the efficacy of psychodynamic therapy when compared to other approaches, a new study casts doubt.

International Psychoanalysis
See International Psychoanalysis for a great article by Israeli psychoanalyst Ilany Kogan: From Psychic Holes to Psychic Representation. Also, see Psychoanalysts on the Left and Far Left.

On Madness
Check out the latest issue of Pragmatic Case Studies in Psychotherapy, edited by Daniel Fishman, PhD.

A Bit of Old News
Did you know that APA formulated a press release on Shedler's article on the efficacy of psychodynamic therapy? View the APA page and see the right hand column for the response article by Mark McKinley, PsyD that was published in DIVISION/Review.

Freud's Last Dog: See Edie Jarolim's fascinating account of the ailing Freud's interactions with his final dog.

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