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Recent publications by division members

Henry Kellerman, Hollywood Movies on the Couch: A Psychoanalyst Examines 15 Famous Films. Barricade Books, Fort Lee, N.J.

Henry Kellerman, The Making of Ghosts. A Novel. Barricade Books. Fort Lee, N.J.

Henry Kellerman, Personalty: How it Forms. American Mental Health Foundation Press. Riverdale, N.Y.

Henry Kellerman, The Discovery of God: A Psychoevolutionary Perspective. Springer Science. New York, N.Y.

Rosbrow, T. (2012). Murakami's After the Quake - The Writer as Waking Dreamer and Trauma Analyst. Psychoanalytic Dialogues 22: 215-227.

Rosbrow, T. (2012). It All Comes Down to imagination: Reply to Commentary. Psychoanalytic Dialogues 22: 234-237.

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