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Bryant, Mavis Anne. Lives in Photography: Denison, Texas, 1872-1999. Charleston SC: CreateSpace, 2012. 

Knight, R. (2011) Fragmentation, fluidity and transformation: nonlinear development in middle childhood. Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 65:19-47.

Robert D. Stolorow & George E. Atwood (2012). "Deconstructing 'the Self' of Self Psychology." International Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology 7:573-576.

Robert D. Stolorow (2012). "What Did We Learn From 9/11?" Huffington Post, September 12.

Sugarman, A. (2012). The Reluctance to Self-Disclose: Reflexive or Reasoned? Psychoanalytic Quarterly.81:627-656.

Sugarman, A. (2012) Masochism in Childhood and Adolescence as a Self-Regulatory Disorder. In N Kulish & D. Holzman (eds.) The Clinical Problem of Masochism, pp.29-50. Northvlale, NJ: Aronson. 

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