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Recent publications by Division 39 members
  • Lewis Aron, PhD and Karen Starr, PsyD published A Psychotherapy for the People: Toward a Progressive Psychoanalysis, New York: Routledge, (2012)

  • Farber, Sharon (2012). Hungry for Ecstasy: Trauma, the Brain, and the Influence of the Sixties

  • Ahmed Fayek The Clinical Application of the Theory of psychoanalysis, Karnac Books. 2011

  • Kraemer, S. & Steinberg, Z. (2012, July 18). The Dark Side of Fertility Treatments: Lessons From a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

  • Rustin, J. (2013). Infant Research & Neuroscience at Work in Psychotherapy: Expanding the Clinical Repertoire. New York: Norton

  • Stephanie S. Swales, PhD, now Stephanie S. Swales Scalambrino, PhD, published Perversion: A Lacanian Psychoanalytic Approach to the Subject, New York: Routledge, (2012).

  • Steinberg, Z. (2012, September 6). "Labor Day Exposes a Cruel Choice Facing Mothers of Premature Infants" [Web blog post]

  • Summers, F. (2012) The Transcendent Experience of the Other: Futurity in Empathy. Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. 32:236-245.

  • Mark Winborn, PhD published The Shadow of Familiarity: A Contributor to the Intersubjective Field in Journal of Analytical Psychology, Vol. 57 (2), 187-206 (2012)

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