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Division announcements

2013 Division 39 spring meeting; research committee poster session; and a conference on repair and resilience in the transgenerational transmission of trauma

Division 39 Annual Spring Meeting

"Boundaries, Borders, and New Frontiers: Global Psychoanalysis in a SocialWorld"

We invite you to the 2013 Division 39 Spring Meeting held in Boston, Mass. at the Park Plaza Hotel and Towers from April 24 - 28.

This year we challenge you to explore the edges of your experience as an individual engaged within multiple worlds: intrapsychic, interpersonal, cultural, local, national and global, real and virtual, space and cyberspace. The meeting is an opportunity to reengage with psychoanalysis with a sense of wonder of the ever expanding new terrains of our field.

Our keynote speakers include Riccardo Lombardi, Md., of the Italian Psychoanalytic Society who will present his paper "Working at the Frontiers of Nothingness: The Struggle to Develop Subjectivity" and Drew Westen, PhD, of Emory University who will present his work "Conflict and Compromise in Washington: The Psychopathology of Everyday Legislation." While our theme is strongly represented by our keynote presenters and range of invited panels, the broad array of presentations contains both new and familiar voices ranging everywhere from individuals who have been sharing an evolving perspective for decades, to early career professionals who bring new visions to the work. We hope each attendee will purposefully seek out new people and new topics. The vast array of interests, perspectives, and unique approaches to utilizing of psychoanalytic ideas highlights the innovation of our field.

At this conference you will have the opportunity to attend special events including Wednesday pre-conference continuing education workshops. Graduate students and early career professionals are not only offered a very discounted conference fee but also are invited to attend specially planned workshops with the keynote speakers, a research poster session, a lively reception, and panels made and developed by their peers. For all members, there are numerous opportunities to become involved in specific interest groups and receptions for socializing and networking abound.

In sum, we invite you to return to Boston this April with an openness to explore.

Call for Submissions: Poster Session

Poster session to be held at the 33rd Annual Spring Meeting of the APA Division of Psychoanalysis (39) April 24-28, 2013 in Boston, Mass.

The Research Committee invites submissions with empirical relevance to all areas of psychoanalytic theory and practice. Research can be qualitative or quantitative. Empirical studies from applied (clinical psychology, psychiatry, social work, etc.) and basic disciplines (developmental, social, or personality psychology, history of science, neuroscience, etc.) are encouraged. Submissions will be evaluated by an appropriate review panel without knowledge of submitters' identities.

  • Abstracts of selected posters will be published in a pamphlet distributed at the vconference.
  • Posters will be judged at the conference and an award will be given to a selected graduate student and postgraduate poster. This award will be announced at the meeting.
  • A cover page should include the title of your poster, author(s) names and affiliation (s), and corresponding author's contact information (phone, email, and fax). Also indicate if you are a graduate student. Please indicate if you would like your abstract published with name, affiliation, and email in conference pamphlet.

  • A second page should contain only the title and a 250 word (maximum) abstract.

  • Submit all abstracts as a Word document attached to an email. Make sure that the subject line reads "2013 Division 39 Meeting-Poster Session Abstract".

  • Submit abstracts via email to: Natalie Shear Associates, Inc.

  • The deadline for submissions is January 20, 2013.

For further information, please contact:

  • Natalie Shear Associates, Inc.

  • Jennifer Durham-Fowler

  • Lotte Smith-Hansen

The Wounds of History

Repair and Resilience in the Trans-Generational Transmission of Trauma

March 1-3, 2013
NYU Kimmel Center
60 Washington Square South

Sponsored by: NYU Postdoctoral Program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, The Psychoanalytic Society of the Postdoctoral Program, and the NYU-GSAS Trauma and Violence Transdisciplinary Studies Program. This weekend conference will address how the traumatic legacies of our forbearers haunt our psyches, our relationships, our cultural collectives and shape our lives. Bedrock to this inquiry is the understanding that traumatic legacies are transmitted across multiple generations and therefore will inevitably return and disrupt human bonds. Invited speakers and faculty of the NYU Postdoctoral Program will present films, papers and engage in conversations that focus on healing and resilience in the face of trans- generational transmission of trauma. Through first person testimony, open discussions, film clips, shared meals, and optional process group  experience, attendees will participate in this repair.

  • Co-Ccairs: Sue Grand, PhD and Jill Salberg, PhD

  • Conference Committee: Judie Alpert, PhD, Melinda Gellman, PhD, Elizabeth Goren, PhD, Debbie Liner, PhD, Jan Lobel, PhD, Lu Steinberg, PsyD, Isaac Tylim, PhD, Barbara Waxenberg, PhD, Debbie Waxenberg, PhD

Conference Contacts
  • Sue Grand, PhD and Jill Salberg, PhD