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A message from the Graduate Student Committee

Learning to find the community within Division 39

By Brian Brown

I'm pleased to report that the Graduate Student Committee is hard at work setting goals and developing new projects for the coming year. We are all really looking forward to the Annual Spring Meeting in Boston, Mass. As the committee hears from graduate students across the country we perceive a longing for a sense of community, for relationships with other psychoanalytically-minded individuals, and a connection to the field of psychoanalysis at large. As I reflect on my own experience, I've come to deeply cherish the spring meetings as they help to satisfy those longings-they truly have become a homecoming for me. The opportunities to relate with and learn from like-minded people have not only been a personal joy for me, but I feel to be a vital part of my growth and development as a graduate student. Like others on the committee, I recognize that we need to do more to find creative ways for graduate students to connect and find that sense of community beyond the spring meetings.

We are thinking through some ideas about how to do that, but we really want to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to complete our brief on-line survey, so we can better understand your needs and perspectives. For training directors, supervisors, and professors reading this, please pass this survey along to your trainees/students.

Thank you - Brian Brown Co-Chair, Division 39 Graduate Student Committee.