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Recent publications by Division 39 members

Eisold, Barbara. The implications of family expectation, historical trauma and prejudice in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with naturalized and first generation Chinese Americans. In: Contemporary Psychoanalysis. 48: 238-266.

Eisold, Barbara. Heroic asylum seekers around the world: Creating a future from a traumatic past. In: The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. July 19, 2012.

Mills, Jon (2012). When God Wept: A Novel (ebook). Washington, DC: Humanist Press.

Naso, R.C.  (2012).  Parental alienation: The relevance of psychoanalytic thinking. Other/Wise, 9, 92-99

Potter, B. (2013). Elements of self-destruction. London: Karnac Books.

Sebastiano Santostefano, PhD, ABPP, First to Last Picking Sicilians in America: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Legas Press, 2011

Stolorow, R. D. (2012). The renewal of humanism in psychoanalytic therapy. Psychotherapy, 49, 442-444.

Stolorow, R. D (2012). Toward a renewal of personology in psychotherapy research. Psychotherapy, 49, 471-472.

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