Section I:
Psychologist-Psychoanalyst Practitioners

Section I fulfills Freud's historic testimony in the 1927 trial that tested the legitimacy of psychologists to practice psychoanalysis. He said then, "Psychoanalysis falls under the head of psychology; not of medical psychology in the old sense, nor the psychology of morbid processes, but simply of psychology." Now in its second decade of life, the idea of Section I was fleshed out ten years ago when a special group of psychologist psychoanalysts met for several days to articulate goals and purposes for the Section. A set of standards governing admission was submitted and later approved. Section I members have since distinguished themselves for their contributions to the advancement of psychoanalysis in theory, in practice and in research. The Section offers its members a rich program of study groups, workshops, and seminars. Currently the Section plans to support and subsidize fledgling training institutes throughout the country, not only with funds but with a panel of distinguished members who are prepared to travel to centers of training to advise and consult in the establishment of functioning training institutes. The Round Robin, the Sections' official publication, reports Section news and publishes submissions from its members which are unfailingly bright, animated essays that vary from a provocative film review to the nature of practice in faraway places. Membership in Division 39 is a prerequisite for membership in the Section.

Section I Representative: K. William Fried, PhD

Section Publications

2010-2011 Section I Report (PDF, 34KB)