Section I:
Psychologist-Psychoanalyst Practitioners

Section I is a national professional organization open to all psychoanalysts and candidates including psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists and lay analysts from all training programs. We also welcome analysts who have equivalent training outside of formal institutes (we do not credential psychoanalysts). We are an inclusive organization that values diverse perspectives on theory and practice.

Our primary purpose is to advocate on behalf of clinical psychoanalysis. We offer a variety of educational and professional opportunities for our members. We believe that psychoanalytic treatment with its focus on understanding the conscious and unconscious addresses the human condition at the deepest levels. In this way it optimally facilitates the relief of suffering and creates the conditions for a rich and generative life. We also apply the psychoanalytic perspective to understanding and resolving interpersonal, family, community and global issues and problems.

Section I President: Allan Scholom, PhD