Access Path to Psychology and Law Experience (APPLE)

Do you know a promising student from an underrepresented group who is interested in psychology and law, but not currently involved in research? Recruit him or her into AP-LS’s APPLE program.

The purpose of the Access Path to Psychology and Law Experience (APPLE) program is to increase diversity within psychology and law by increasing the pipeline of competitive graduate school applicants from groups that currently are underrepresented in the field, including racial and ethnic minorities, first-generation college students, LGBT individuals, and physically disabled students. APPLE is designed to encourage faculty members to recruit students from underrepresented groups into their research labs. It provides financial support for the students to obtain meaningful research experience and attend the AP-LS conference as well as other opportunities for mentoring and development. It is the intention of the Minority Affairs Committee (MAC) that many of the students in the APPLE program will apply for graduate training related to psychology and law and ultimately become professionals in the field.

Program Requirements

Students in the APPLE program are required to:

  • Work on research for approximately 10 hours per week for the duration of their research experience
  • Participate in GRE classes and/or other development opportunities
  • Attend an AP-LS conference
  • Submit a proposal to present their research at an AP-LS conference or in the Division 41 program of an APA conference
  • Submit a summary of their research experience to the MAC Chair within one month of its completion
  • Correspond with a secondary mentor from the MAC
  • Participate in the ongoing assessment of the APPLE program

Faculty mentors in the APPLE program are required to

  • Closely supervise their students to ensure that they have a meaningful research experience that will make them more competitive for graduate school
  • Help identify and facilitate opportunities for their students to participate in GRE classes and/or other development programs offered on their campuses (e.g., through the McNair program)
  • Assist their students in making a conference presentation about their research
  • Participate in the ongoing assessment of the APPLE program

Award Amounts

The APPLE program will award up to $3,000 per student, depending on the length of the research experience. Recipients will be given a stipend of $1200 per semester or $800 per quarter or summer for up to one year. In addition, they will receive $100 for research expenses and up to $500 to attend the AP-LS conference. Six awards of $3000 (i.e., for year-long experiences) or a larger number of smaller awards (i.e., for part-year experiences) will be given.

How to Apply