Nonclinical Doctoral Programs

In addition to the information provided through the links to each program's website, the members of the AP-LS Teaching, Training, and Careers Committee (TTC) developed a Guide to Graduate Programs in Legal and Forensic Psychology (PDF, 442KB). We hope this new format will allow students interested in psychology and law programs to more easily access and compare graduate programs. This guide lists current graduate programs in forensic and legal psychology. Programs are listed alphabetically by degree type: doctoral programs (PhD and PsyD), joint programs (PhD/JD, PsyD/JD, JD/MA, PhD/MLS.), and masters-level programs. Each program is described using the same categories (program facts, admission criteria, opportunities for research or practica, and funding availability) to help prospective students make informed choices about graduate training and education in psychology and law.

Alliant International University (PhD in Forensic Psychology).

Arizona State University (Law and Psychology JD/PhD Program)

Cornell University (PhD with a concentration in Law, Psychology and Human Development, or Dual Degree (PhD/JD) Program in Law, Psychology, and Human Development)

Florida International University (PhD in Psychology with an emphasis in Legal Psychology).

Georgetown University (PhD in Psychology with concentration in Human Development and Public Policy and a PhD in a joint program with a Masters in Public Policy )

John Jay College of Criminal Justice-CUNY (MA or PhD)

North Carolina State University (PhD in Psychology and the Public Interest program)

Simon Fraser University (PhD in psychology in the psychology and law program).

University of Arizona (PhD and/or J.D)

University of California-Irvine (PhD in Criminology, Law & Society or in Psychology and Social Behavior).

University of Florida (PhD in Criminology and Law; and joint JD/MA program)

University of Illinois at Chicago (PhD with concentration in Psychology and Law).

University of Minnesota (PhD in social psychology with a research concentration in social psychology and law; joint JD/PhD can be customized).

University of Nebraska (joint JD/ PhD or joint JD/MA in Clinical or Social Psychology or Masters of Legal Studies).

University of Nevada-Reno (PhD in social psychology with a concentration in psychology and law)

University of Texas at El Paso (PhD in Applied Psychology with the Legal Psychology Group)

University of Wyoming (Social or Developmental PhD with concentration in Psychology and Law)