Article I: Name and Purpose
  1. The name of this committee shall be: The American Psychology-Law Society (Society)/Division 41, Student Section Committee, of the American Psychological Association (Association).
    • This Student Section Committee shall work to further the participation of students in the activities of the Society, promote and support psycholegal research and practice efforts of students, enhance communication between students interested in the interface of psychology and law, and assist in the professional development of students in careers involving psychology and law.
    • Officers of the Student Section Committee of the Society shall be elected according to the provisions for such elections established in the Student Section By- Laws, such guidelines and any modifications thereto subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the Society. The Chair of the Student Section Committee shall participate in the Executive Committee of the Society as an ex-officio, voting member.
    • The Student Section Committee shall be appropriated a budget to further its mission. The Student Section Committee shall prepare an annual budget for review, revision, and approval by the Executive Committee of the Society at its annual meeting. At the annual meeting, the Student Section Committee also shall submit a formal written accounting of the past year's expenditures in light of the established budget for the previous year.
The Student Section Committee is ultimately governed by the Executive Committee of the Society. Sections of these by-laws are found verbatim in the Society’s general bylaws.
Article II: Membership
  1. All Student Section members are undergraduate or graduate Student Affiliates of the Society.
  2. Minimum membership dues are set by vote of the Executive Committee of the Society and may be imposed on all members. Non-payment of dues for two consecutive years shall be considered as equivalent to resignation from the Society.
Article III: Officers
  1. All Student Officers will be called upon to work in several areas for student members and it is anticipated that each member is to contribute to the development and activities of the Student Section.
  2. The officers of the Student Section shall consist of a Chair, a Chair-Elect, an immediate Past-Chair, a Secretary, a Communications Officer, a Campus Representative Coordinator, and three Members-at-Large (Clinical, Experimental, and Law Liaisons). Each shall perform the usual duties of the respective office and specific duties in the Policies and Procedures of the American Psychology-Law Society Student Section Committee, Division 41 of the American Psychological Association, or assigned by the Student Section Committee.
    • Chair - The Chair will lead and oversee the student programming for the AP-LS Annual Conference. The Chair is an ex-officio, voting member of the AP-LS Executive Committee and is responsible for attending meetings and maintaining open communication with fellow Executive Committee members. The Chair is responsible for ensuring the Student Section is meeting all of its obligations and responsibilities, and that all Student Section Officers are acting in accordance with the AP-LS Student Section bylaws and fulfilling their position descriptions throughout the year. The Chair is also responsible for the Student Section Budget. The Chair is elected for a three-year term (Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair). After transitioning from the active Chair position, Past-Chairs are expected to serve as a consultant to the Student Section Committee as needed.
    • Chair-Elect - The Chair-Elect will serve as the Chair the following election year. Duties of the Chair-Elect include supporting the Chair with student programming for the AP-LS Annual Conference, attending meetings with the Chair and creating the Student Section program plan and budget for the following year. If the Chair is unable to act on behalf of the Student Section, the Chair-Elect will assume responsibilities of Chair.
    • Past-Chair - The Past-Chair will assist the Chair with the oversight and activities of the AP-LS student section as needed. The primary role of the Past-Chair is to serve as a consultant to the Chair and to support the Chair in his or her duties as needed.
    • Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for recording the meetings of the Student Section and overseeing the publications and printing of the Student Section for the AP-LS Annual Conference.
    • Communications Officer - The Communications Officer is responsible for all public communications of the Student Section to the AP-LS Student Members via social media and web-content and advertising for AP-LS Student Section Committee events at conferences. The Communications Officer is responsible for overseeing the Student Section social media sites and ensuring all posts meet APA social media/forum policies.
    • Campus Representative Coordinator: The Campus Representative Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment and management of AP-LS Campus Representatives.
    • Members-at-Large 
      Clinical Liaison - The Clinical Liaison will serve as the representative for AP-LS student members who study clinical-forensic psychology to the Student Section.

      Experimental Liaison - The Experimental Liaison will serve as the representative for AP-LS student members who study experimental-forensic psychology to the Student Section.
      Law Liaison - The Law Liaison will serve as the representative for AP-LS student members who have strong interest in legal training to the Student Section.

  3. For voting purposes, a quorum shall consist of more than 50% of the voting members of the Student Section Committee. The Student Section Committee shall set and amend Student Section activities by majority vote of a quorum. The voting for such matters shall be conducted through electronic ballot, over teleconference, or in person at an AP-LS meeting.
  4. It may be brought to the attention of the Student Section Committee that a Student Section Officer is unable or is failing to meet his or her position’s responsibilities. In this event, Student Section Chair and Chair-Elect will work with the AP-LS Executive Committee to resolve the matter; this may include the removal of an officer. Should the Study Section Officers and APLS Executive Committee elect to remove the officer the Student Section Officers will vote on the removal of the Officer. The Officer will be removed from the position if over 50 percent of the Student Section Officers elect to do so.
Article IV: Activities
  1. Student Section Officers are responsible for planning student events at the Society’s annual Conference as well as student programming at the annual Association convention.
  2. The Chair and Chair-Elect will submit a report of the Committee’s progress to each edition of the Society’s newsletter.
Article V: Amendments
  1. Amendments to these by-laws may be proposed by either the Student Section Committee or a portion of the Student Section Committee members. Proposed amendments will be reviewed for approval by the Society’s Executive Council. Upon approval by the AP-LS Executive Committee the proposed amendments will be enacted.