APA Commission on Ethics Processes

Call for Nominations

The APA Council of Representatives approved the establishment of a commission to evaluate and recommend changes to APA's ethics processes. It has issued a call for nominations for this commission. For more details regarding the nomination procedure, please visit the APA Commission on Ethics Processes: Call for Nominations page.

Welcome from our President

Dave DeMatteoWelcome to the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS; APA Div. 41). AP-LS is an interdisciplinary organization with more than 3,200 active members — students and professionals; researchers, scholars, and practitioners — who share an interest in the intersection of psychology and law. We seek to advance the science of psychology-law and the translation of psychology-law knowledge into practice and policy, and our core mission is to enhance well-being, justice, and human rights through the science and practice of psychology in legal contexts. AP-LS has a variety of committees that focus on particular professional interests in the field, and we have an active grants program that provides financial support for students and professionals who conduct psychology-law research. We promote and disseminate relevant research through our flagship journal (Law and Human Behavior) and an active social media presence. A highlight of AP-LS is our annual conference, which will next be held in Seattle, from March 16-18, 2017. Attending our annual conference provides a great opportunity to hear about the most recent psychology-law research, present your own research, and otherwise contribute to furthering the dialogue about important mental health and legal issues that affect policy and practice. I look forward to seeing you there!

Download David DeMatteo's presidential initiatives.

David DeMatteo, JD, PhD, ABPP (Forensic)