AP-LS News: Past Issues

  • October 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: PIP: Psychology and Intellectual Property, treating offenders with mental illness, researching forensic misconduct and funding opportunities.

  • July 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: An evaluation well-wuited for the forensic psychologist, the criminal justice system’s response to elder abuse, corrections committee update and research briefs.

  • January 2010[PDF]

    In this issue: Do online sex offenders represent a unique type of perpetrator, actual innocence research column and book review of "Children as Victims, Witnesses and Offenders:Psychological Science and the Law".

  • October 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: Representative payeeship in psychiatric disabilities, providing psychology-law students with a voice in course design, minority affairs updates, nominations and awards.

  • July 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: Judicial decision making, nine myths in the peer review process, residence restrictions to reduce the risk posed by sex offenders, developing a course on the issue of child abuse and research briefs.

  • January 2009[PDF]

    In this issue: Book review on "A Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody Evaluations, Mental Health and Legal Perspectives", assessing risk for violence using structured professional judgment and funding opportunities.

  • October 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: AP-LS conference update, when should you decline an invitation to review?, legal update on Indiana v. Edwards, A sociologist looks at the field of forensic psychology, calls for conferences and papers.

  • July 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: Tearing down the gender paradigm in favour of families, teaching psychology and law through biography, fellowships and positions.

  • January 2008[PDF]

    In this issue: The Supreme Court goes Hollywood, treating serious mental illnesses in jails and prisons, funding opportunities and research briefs.

  • October 2007[PDF]

    In this issue: Recent trends in legal scholarship, operational psychology, funding opportunities, fellowships and positions.

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