Annual Division Fund Raising Dinner

As the 2012 APA Convention was winding down, the Div. 44 Annual Fund-Raising Dinner at Cuba Libre was the perfect celebration of successful division programs and activities. The combination of good food, mojitos, salsa dancers and friends made this a memorable night. One hundred eighteen people attended the dinner, including 49 students who were sponsored by division members and friends of the division. In all the dinner brought in $11,795. in donations, reservations and sponsorships. The division raised $3,955.53 for scholarships thanks to the generous support of many organizations and individuals.

Thanks To Our Donors

Champion: Institute for Bisexuality, Harrington Park Press, Routledge Journals
Benefactor: Robert-Jay Green
Patron: Nancy Baker, Michael Hendricks, Mark Pope
Donor: Michael Ranney
Friend: Kathryn Kominars, Robb Mapou, Timothy Popanz

Our student sponsors made it possible for so many students to participate in the dinner.

Thank you to: Armand Cerbone, Kimberly Balsam, Doug Kimmel, Mark Brennan-Ing, Terry Gock, Michael Hendricks, Timothy Popanz, Glenda Russell, Harrington Park Press, Michael Ranney, Allen Omoto, Kris Hancock, Shara Sand, Kathleen Ritter, Steven James, Joe Miles, Clinton Anderson, Chris Downs, Arlene Noriega, Karla Anhalt, Randall Ehrbar, Sean Bepler/Routledge Journals, Heidi Levitt, Christopher Martel, Robb Mapou, Mark Pope, Robert-Jay Green, Sharon Rostosk, Richard Sprott, Charles Silverstein, Gregory Jones, Ruth Fassinger, Braden Berkey, Frank Corigaliano, Melissa Grey, and Louise Douce.