Div. 44 Fundraising Dinner

Annual Fundraising Dinner During 2016 Convention

Networking and building ties while helping Div. 44 flourish.

By Gary Howell, PsyD

On Saturday, Aug. 6, 2016, we filled Marlowe's restaurant with 131 amazing Div. 44 supporters for the annual fundraising dinner in Denver.  We were also fortunate to have nearly 40 students in attendance this year.  We received some very positive feedback from students who were able to attend and network with our Div. 44 family. 

Thank you to the American Institute of Bisexuality for their continued presence and very generous financial support year after year. Thanks to those who made financial contributions:

  • Benefactor ($500) — Michael Hendricks and Allen Omoto
  • Patrons ($300) — Clinton Anderson and Michael Ranney
  • Friends ($100) — Kimberly Balsam, Sarah Burgamy, Armand Cerbone, Erin Deneke, Janice Habarth, Francis Hays, Lavita Nadkarni, and Arlene Noriega

Thanks to those who sponsored students: Abbie Beacham, Mark Brennan-Ing, Frank Corigliano, Sari Dworkin, Ruth Fassinger, Gary Howell, Steve James, Doug Kimmel, Charlotte Patterson, Glenda Russell, Shara Sand, Gregory Sarlo, and Jonathan Smith.

We would especially like to offer a very special thank you to our silent auction donors: lore dickey, Ruth Fassinger and John Gonsiorek.

The fundraising dinner brought in nearly $6, 000 this year. Thanks to all who participated, to our donors, and to those who sponsored students for making this a successful event. Save the date for next year: Aug. 5, 2017 in Washington, D.C. The venue will be announced closer to our midwinter meeting.