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October 2012


From the associate editor: The psychology of Internet trolls

By Kathryn Stamoulis From the associate editor: The psychology of Internet trolls


  • President's column
    We need to be keenly aware of the potentially dangerous role of social media, or “cyber cascades,” as it has been called, in which information — true or false and often anonymous — spreads like wildfire.
    By Phyllis R. Koch-Sheras, PhD
  • Past president's column
    People post things online that most would never say to someone face to face.
    By Pauline Wallin
  • President-elect's column
    The intersecting of psychological science with technology appears promising in enhancing our ability to initiate, monitor and maintain behavioral, cognitive and mood changes.
    By Mary Karapetian Alvord
  • From the editor
    Are laptop and other technological devices types of Skinner Boxes?
    By V. Krishma Kumar
  • APA Council of Representatives report: August 2012
    Updates on the internship stimulus, the Good Governance Project and the resolution on psychotherapy's effectiveness.
    By Elizabeth K. Carll, PhD
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    The APA Division 46 email list provides a forum for members to keep apprised of division activities, psychology issues, to discuss topics relevant to the field, and to exchange relevant information


Articles by 2012 Division 46 Awardees

  • The evolution of information and communication technologies, advocacy for global mental health, and social change
    It is the use of advocacy for social change and for promoting global mental health that has spanned my career that is a key passion.
    By Elizabeth K. Carll, PhD
  • Human goodness and digital technology: Potential for research
    Social media and prosocial video games are venues with the potential to boost societal well-being.
    By Dana Klisanin

From Our Film and Theater Critics

  • A mixed chorus for Carell’s Dr. Bernard Feld
    There are aspects of how therapy is depicted in this film that raise concerns.
    By Mary Gregerson, PhD, Frederick Heide, and Jody Jessup
  • My “Two cents” for the Threepenny Opera worth far more than two bits
    A Lawrence, Kan., production of the Brecht-Weill musical masterpiece highlights the good and evil in crooks and cops alike.
    By Mary Gregerson, PhD

Division Matters

  • Welcome new board members
    Meet Bernie Luskin, Frank Farley and Pamela Rutledge.
  • Member news
    Books, journals and student posters.
  • Committee reports
    2012 Div. 46 award recipients and convention programming committee report.
    By Jerri Lynn Hogg, Sharon Brennan, and Fran Blumberg
  • News Media, Public Education, Public Policy Committee report
    New initiatives for the committee include focusing on how psychologists can affect the news media and how psychologists can message more effectively.
    By Jerri Lynn Hogg
  • Media Watch Committee: The Theater Domain Subcommittee report
    Theater as therapy? A subcommittee studies research examining the ability of live dramatic performances to affect change on a mass scale.
    By Susan Birne-Stone and Frederick Heide
  • Membership Chair report
    The Division 46 Membership Satisfaction Survey revealed that our membership wanted more networking opportunities.
    By Joanne Broder Sumerson
  • Telehealth and New Technologies Committee report
    The committee will focus on telehealth and new technologies, including media literacy, as it examines ethical issues related to the proper use of technology.
    By Lilli Friedland and Mary Karapetian Alvord
  • Some of what psychologists need to know about telepsychology
    Managing telepsychology in your practice depends on competency in its use, staying on top of ever-evolving regulation, and maintenance of data security.
    By Anthony S. Ragusea
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