Is an Exercise and Sport Psychologist What I am Looking for?

What Do Exercise and Sport Psychologists Do?

Exercise and sport psychology professionals are interested in how participation in sport, exercise, and physical activity may enhance personal development and well-being throughout the life span.

Have you ever heard a coach say that a sport is 50-90 percent mental? It is this mental side of sport that exercise and sport psychology professionals work with. Coaches often deal exclusively with the physical and strategic components of sport, whereas, exercise and sport psychology professionals seek to enhance the minds of athletes and exercisers to help them improve their performance by coming closer to reaching their potential in a competitive setting.

Among other things, exercise and sport psychology professionals help individuals who:

  • lose focus during competition.

  • lack confidence during games.

  • get scared or anxious while competing.

  • have trouble communicating with teammates.

  • choke during important competitive events.

  • have trouble motivating themselves in sport and exercise settings.

  • get angry easily when they perform below their expectations.

Are you looking for a competitive edge? Would like to learn how to have more fun while participating in sport? Are concerned with your child's experience in youth sports? Are looking for a way to get more out of your sport or exercise experience? Then you should keep reading to help you gain useful information about exercise and sport psychology and learn about how to find an exercise and sport psychology professional to fulfill your needs.