Student Involvement in Division 47

Division 47 Committees

Division 47 has five active committees that include Education, Membership, Practice, Public Interest, and Science.

All of Division 47’s committees have students serving on them. Getting involved with a committee is a great way to network with professionals, learn about the division, and learn about the field of sport and exercise psychology. If you are interested in learning more about serving on a committee or would like to know which committees currently have openings for students, please contact your student representatives.

Host a Campus-wide or Regional Division 47 Chapter

Campus-wide or regional Division 47 chapters give students the opportunity to organize and talk regularly about the field of sport and exercise psychology. The host of a local D47 chapter regularly communicates with student representatives, acts as an advocate for their chapter, and organizes events for the chapter. To learn more about hosting a local Division 47 chapter please contact your student representatives.

Student Programming at APA Convention

On Friday August 5th from 8 - 8:50 a.m., we will hold Speed Mentoring at the Renaissance Washington Hotel Meeting Room 15. During this event students will have the opportunity to talk with invited professionals and have questions about sport and exercise psychology answered. Featured mentors include Rod Dishman, PhD, University of Georgia, discussing exercise psychology; Carmen Tebbe, PhD, University of Oklahoma Athletics Department, working with collegiate athletes; Judy Van Raalte, PhD, Springfield College, discussing academic careers; and Len Zaichkowsky, PhD, Vancouver Canucks, working with elite athletes. We acknowledge that Speed Mentoring is early Friday morning, but we promise it'll be worth your time.

On Saturday, August 6th from 4-7 pm, we will have a gathering at Fado Irish Pub, located at 808 7th St. NW. Just let the hostess know you are looking for the Division 47 gathering and they will direct you towards our group. We invite student members, friends, and professionals to attend this casual gathering.

Ray’s Race

Every year at the APA convention, Division 47 hosts Ray’s Race. If you are interested in running the race, click here or by going to The race committee is looking for energetic, motivating student volunteers to lead race warm-ups and work the course. To volunteer for Ray's Race, please contact Heather Ciesielski.


Division 47 gives back to the APA convention host city through the giveaway-athon, which offers free sport psychology services to local sport organizations, athletes, and coaches. Sport psychology services are provided by professionals, who are paired with student volunteers. If you are interested in being linked up with a professional and providing sport psychology services to the city of San Diego, please contact your student representatives.