Division 47 Committees

Division 47 has five committees and two Student Representatives that focus on specific areas of excercise and sport psychology.

  • Education Committee
    This committee educates students, professionals and the public in a variety of sport psychology issues including how to become active in Division 47 and how to become trained in sport psychology.

  • Membership Committee
    This committee maintains a vibrant membership assists the Executive Committee in being responsive to the members.

  • Practice Committee
    This committee prepares guidelines for psychologists making public statements about athletes, and plans and coordinates the Division 47 Giveaway-athon at the APA Annual Convention.

  • Public Interest Committee
    This committee helps resolve issues of strong contemporary interest to the public and of social significance (e.g., sport violence, problems in youth sport, sport role models, the psychological quality of life through exercise, fitness, and health), generates position statements, and contributes to the education and welfare of society.

  • Science Committee
    This committee determines creative ways to increase the identification of sport psychology as a science to APA colleagues, students, and the public in general.

  • Social Media Committee
    This committee will oversee the primary social media outlets (i.e., Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook).