Membership Committee

The Membership Committee was established at the Division 47 Executive Committee meeting at APA, Chicago, August, 2002. The purposes of the membership committee are to maintain a vibrant membership and to assist the Executive Committee in being responsive to the members.

The committee’s goals are:

  • To educate students and professionals about opportunities to become affiliated with Division 47

  • To retain present members and recruit new members and students into our division

  • To insure that the division is responsive to the needs of its members

  • To monitor membership statistics, composition and trends

  • To be cognizant of the APA Membership Committee Directorate and liaison with the directorate

  • To seek email addresses of new division members from membership services; then, send a welcome email to each new Division 47 member pointing them to the website and other electronic resources, encouraging them to attend division sessions at the convention, etc.


Kristin Henke, PsyD
Princeton (Missouri) R-V School District