Practice Committee

The purpose of the Practice Committee is to identify and help to resolve issues of strong contemporary interest to the public and of social significance (e.g., sport violence, problems in youth sport, sport role models, the psychological quality of life through exercise, fitness and health), to generate position statements, and to contribute to the education and welfare of society.

The committee's goals are:

  • To explore the practice roles of exercise and sport psychology, including individual and group consultation guidelines, ethical and competency issues, certification issues, practice specialty guidelines and business/practice considerations.

  • Network with the Practice Directorate of APA so that further Practice Committee programs can be facilitated at the APA Conventions.

  • To suggest guidelines for the practice of sport psychology.

  • To coordinate sport psychology consultant certification with AAASP.

  • Generate nominations for the “Bruce Ogilvie Award for Professional Practice Award” (first given in 2004 and given every four years).

  • Be cognizant of the initiatives of the APA Practice Directorate and liaison with the directorate. In addition, attend (or send representative) the Science Directorate meeting held during the annual APA convention.

  • Submit a report on the committee’s activities to the newsletter editor for publication in the fall newsletter.


John Macri, PhD, CC-AASP
179 S. Maple Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ 07450
(201) 445-3306