Public Interest Committee

The purpose of the Public Interest Committee is to explore appropriate opportunities to provide services to organizations and individuals (e.g., with the NCAA).

The Committee's Goals are:

  • To prepare guidelines for psychologists making public statements about athletes.

  • To address youth sport issues - how Division 47 can help youth sport coaches and parents.

  • Maintain and improve communication to the membership and the public through the Division’s web site.

  • Review and recommend printed materials that explain the Division’s goals and present clearly the manifest content of Exercise and Sport Psychology.

  • Plan and coordinate the Giveaway-athon at APA Convention.

  • Generate nominations for the “Distinguished Contributions to Exercise and Sport Psychology in Public Interest Award” (first given in 2002 and given every 4 years).

  • Be cognizant of the initiatives of the APA Public Interest Directorate and liaison with the directorate.

  • Liaison with AASP Public Directorate.

  • Submit a report on the committee’s activities to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the Spring Newsletter.


Ariane Smith-Machin, PhD, CC-AASP
Machin Counseling and Sport Psychology
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