Science Committee

The purpose of the Science Committee is to determine creative ways to increase the identification of sport psychology as a science to APA colleagues, students, and the public in general.

Current Directives

  • Evaluate nominees for the dissertation award and recommend a recipient to the Executive Committee;

  • Collect information on model training sites and/or training and research sites that are engaged in noteworthy activities, report these for mention in the Division newsletter and archiving on the website.

  • Generate nominations for the “Distinguished Contributions to Science and Research in Exercise and Sport Psychology Award” (first given in 1999 and given every four years).

  • Be cognizant of the initiatives of the APA Science Directorate and liaison with the directorate. For example, assist in petitioning NIMH to fun basic social and behavioral research. In addition, attend (or send representative) the Science Directorate meeting held during the annual APA convention.

  • Submit a report on the committee’s activities to the Newsletter Editor for publication in the Spring Newsletter.

  • Advertise the dissertation award at APAGS and appropriate conferences.


Nick Galli, PhD, CC-AASP,
Department of Kinesiology
California State University – Northridge