Dissertation Award

This award honors a recent dissertation by someone whose research on small groups seems especially promising. The winner is announced and the prize is conferred at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. Included in the award are $500, a plaque, and a three-year membership in the Division.


Only dissertations that were completed during the prior calendar year are eligible, but the research described in those dissertations can explore any group phenomenon, using any methodology to investigate any type of group. A committee reviews all the abstracts and selects three finalists, who then submit complete copies of their dissertations for the committee's evaluation.

How to Apply

Submit a five-page, double-spaced abstract of their work to:

Dr. Richard Moreland
Department of Psychology
3103 Sennott Square
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA. 15260 

2013 Recipient: Amanda Ferguson

Amanda Ferguson

Past Recipients

  • Amanda Ferguson
  • Meir Shemla

  • Deanna Kennedy

  • Drs. Wendi Adair

  • Bianca Beersma

  • Artemis Chang

  • Amy Edmondson

  • Sarah Hutson-Comeaux

  • Deborah Gruenfeld

  • Karen Jehn

  • Peter Kim

  • Kyle Lewis

  • Kathleen O'Connor

  • Gloottjr Tink

  • Michaela Schippers

  • Mary Waller