Student Poster Awards



Div. 49 presents three awards for students presenting posters at the Annual APA Convention. All student award winners receive one year of free membership to the division, and awards of $300, $200 and $100, respectively. Awards are presented for the best posters that contribute to the mission and goals for the society, quality of the poster and materials and its presentation.

Past Recipients
  • First Prize:
    Ron Dolgin, MA; Paul Grimsley, MA; and Maria Riva, PhD
    “Group Psychotherapy Co-Leadership as a Training Model: Student Perspectives”
  • Second Prize:
    Michael Awad, MA, EdS
    “Addressing Ageism and Investment Syndrome in Psychology: Using a Social Justice-Based Approach for Empowering America's Marginalized Geriatric Population”
  • Third Prize:
    Not awarded
  • First Prize: 
    Xu Li and Dennis Kivlighan 
    “The Cognitive Errors of Commission and Omission of Novice Group Counseling Trainees about Group Situations”
  • Second Prize: 
    D. Martin Kivlighan, III; Maleeha Abbas; Nick D. Frost; Arellys Aquinaga; Christina Frank; and Alberta M. Gloria, PhD 
    “Are Group Therapeutic Factors Associated with Academic Improvement? A Multilevel Analysis”
  • Third Prize: 
    Dakota J. Kaiser, MS 
    “Social Class in Group Research: A Content Analysis” 
  • First Prize:
    Delia Avelar, MA
    "A Culturally Responsive Program to Decrease Depressive Symptoms for Immigrant Latina Women"
  • Second Prize:
    Alia R. Warner, EdS, MS
    "Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Female Inmates: A Group Curriculum" 
    Co Author: Sabrina M. Di Lonardo, EdS, MS
  • Third Prize:
    Michelle Sobon, BA
    "Assessing Change Patterns of the Overly Accommodating Subtype Within Focused Brief Group Therapy" 
    Co Author: Martyn Whittingham, PhD