Check out Div. 5's updated list of doctoral programs in Psychometrics, Measurement, Evaluation, Quantitative Psychology and Research Methods.

Who compiles this list?

The APA Div. 5 web editor.

How is the list organized?

The list is divided into psychology/human development and education/educational psychology. Within each of these broad categories, listings are alphabetical. Universities with state names are alphabetized by state name. Universities with the same state name are listed alphabetically by city name. Other universities are alphabetized by the university's name. The table of contents includes alphabetical links that take you to the first program listed by that letter.

What criteria are used to determine list inclusion?

Programs located in the United States of America or Canada offering a doctoral degree in psychometrics, quantitative methods or a related field. Self-identification by the programs in question determines what specifically counts as psychometrics, quantitative methods or a related field.

How do the different types of programs differ?

Every program has its own unique approach. Broadly speaking, psychometrics focuses on measurement of psychological variables. Quantitative psychology focuses on statistical modeling of psychological processes. Evaluation focuses on the research aimed at assessing the success of some activity such as an educational program or service provision. Research design focuses on data collection rather than data analysis. Research methods offers the most general rubric which can encompass all or any of the above. Check individual program web pages for descriptions of each program's emphasis.

Does APA Div. 5 evaluate the programs listed?

No. We provide the list for information purposes only.

Is the list complete and up-to-date?

While every effort is made to maintain a complete and up-to-date list, this is by no means guaranteed. Individual programs are encouraged to keep their listings up-to-date by providing listing information.

How do I submit changes or additions to the list?

Send changes to Alex Beaujean.

How do I apply to programs on the list?

Check individual program web pages for admissions and application information.

When do I apply?

Most programs admit students once a year with classes beginning in September or there about. Application deadlines typically range from October to February with admissions decisions typically made during the spring. Check individual program web pages for individual application deadlines.

Who may apply?

Most PhD programs require an undergraduate degree or overseas equivalent. PhD programs generally do not require a Master's degree and many students apply directly from their undergraduate program. Most programs do not require that the undergraduate degree specialize in psychology, although many require certain undergraduate courses. Check individual program web pages for detailed requirements of that program.

Why is this list here?

Michael Edwards and Linda Collins independently suggested the list in a session on attracting students to quantitative psychology at the 2005 APA Convention. The initial thinking was that the list would include 12-13 programs but this quickly grew to 12-13 pages. The aim is to provide basic contact information in a centralized place as a helpful resource to students seeking to apply to programs in psychometrics, quantitative psychology, and related areas.

Why does the list not include PsyD programs?

Short answer: There are none.

Long answer: PsyD programs generally emphasize the practice of psychology over research skills. Programs in quantitative psychology, psychometrics, research methods, evaluation and related areas generally emphasize research skills.


Tammy Trierweiler assisted in the compilation of the U.S. list. Rachel Fouladi compiled the Canadian list. The following individuals provided suggestions or additional information for the U.S. list.

  • Bob Abbott
  • Leona Aiken
  • Carolyn Anderson
  • Razia Azen
  • A. Alexander Beaujean
  • Andreana Benitez
  • Shelley A. Blozis
  • Gwyneth Boodoo
  • Gordon Brooks
  • David Budescu
  • Antonious Cillessen
  • Linda Collins
  • Lawrence DeCarlo
  • Michael Edwards
  • Carolyn Furlow
  • Kurt F. Geisinger
  • Matthew Gushta
  • Adam R. Hafdahl
  • Gregory M. Hurtz
  • Jamison Fargo
  • Gregory R. Hancock
  • Lisa Harlow
  • Todd Little
  • George Johanson
  • Ken Kelley
  • Katherine E. Masyn
  • Scott E. Maxwell
  • Jack McArdle
  • Glen Milewski
  • Yasuo Miyazaki
  • Bengt Muthen
  • Ann O'Connell
  • Dena Pastor
  • Terri Pigott
  • Kristopher Preacher
  • Steve Reise
  • Alan Reifman
  • Katherine Ryan
  • Alecia Santuzzi
  • Shlomo S. Sawilowsky
  • Charles Scherbaum
  • Everett Smith
  • Rick Taylor
  • Paul Thomas
  • Everett V. Smith, Jr.
  • Alexander A. Von Eye
  • David J. Weiss
  • Ed Wiley
  • Mark Wilson
  • Victor Wilson

The following individuals provided suggestions or additional information for the Canadian list.

  • Jeremy Biesanz
  • Gwyneth Boodoo
  • Yoshio Takane

If you provided information and your name is missing, please let the web editor know.