Student Poster Award

This award honors the first author of a poster to be presented during the Div. 54 poster session at the APA convention. Three winners of the Student Poster Award will be acknowledged at the convention with a blue ribbon on their poster during the session at convention and will receive a prize of $100.


Students who are members of the Society of Pediatric Psychology and who are first author of a poster to be presented during our division poster session at the APA convention are eligible.

How To Apply

If you are a student author, please forward an up-to-date version of the poster abstract to David M. Janicke, PhD, by July 15.

Past Recipients

  • Talia Barron, Nova Southeastern — Parent Support and Physical Activity in Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth
    Mentor:  Jessica Valenzuela
  • Ashley Moss, Marquette University  — Applying the Actor-Partner Interdependence Model to Executive Functioning, Adherence and Conflict
    Mentor:  Astrida Kaugars
  • Jeffrey Shahidullah, Michigan State University — Integrated Behavioral Health Treatment for Externalizing Behaviors in Pediatric Primary Care ADHD Referrals: Evaluation of Clinical Effectiveness, Acceptability, Adherence, and Cost of Care
    Mentor:   John S. Carlson
  • Victoria Smith, University of Maryland, College Park — Construct Validity of the Parent-Child Sleep Interactions Scale (PSIS):  Associations with Parenting, Family Stress, and Maternal and Child Psychopathology
    Mentor:  Lea Dougherty
  • Nora Sporn, University of Kansas — Psychosocial Outcomes of a Pediatric Obesity Treatment Program for Rural Children
    Mentor:  Ann Davis