From the President

President's Message

President Koocher expresses gratitude for having the opportunity to serve his term as the Society's 2011 president

By Gerald P. Koocher, PhD

Recognition and Gratitude

2011 has proved an outstanding year for the Society thanks to an excellent and hard-working leadership team.

As the year began we selected Grayson Holmbeck to succeed Dennis Drotar as the next Journal of Pediatric Psychology editor, beginning in 2013.

Thanks to the superb work of Michael Roberts, Ric Steele, and their University of Kansas team we enjoyed an extremely successful program in San Antonio. Anna Maria Patiño-Fernández coordinated an excellent program for the APA Convention in Washington, D.C., and David Janicke produced an excellent batch of newsletters. Heather Yardley kept our web presence in fine form, and Lindsey Cohen made sure our listserv operated smoothly.

Christina Duncan chronicled every board action with meticulous accuracy, Dave Elkin managed our finances with care and wisdom, and Tonya Palermo backed me up whenever extra help was needed with presidential duties. Paul Robins did a great job on student development and Christine Chambers fulfilled her membership duties well, even as the membership of her own family grew significantly. Celia Lescano coordinated and advanced our diversity agenda, and Annette LaGreca served with distinction as our voice in the APA Council.

Christopher Cushing led our student board and represented their voice well on the board of directors. Michael Roberts continued to serve with distinction as our historian, and Karen Roberts outdid herself in managing our office and operational details with aplomb. Many other members served on committees and as our liaisons to other professional groups. We owe them all a hearty round of applause for our success this year.

Participate in the Society’s Nomination Process

One disappointing note occurred when fewer than 200 members voted in the Society elections administered by APA last May. In an effort to reinvigorate participation, the nominating committee and I call on you for active participation.

In 2012 we will need to fill the following vacancies for service to begin in calendar 2013: President Elect, APA Council Representative, Secretary, Membershipat-Large – Diversity, and Membership-at-Large – Student/ Trainee Development. You many nominate any Division 54 member for these offices by sending an email message with the word “nominations” on the subject line.

If you want some ideas about people who have a history of activity in the Society, check out the leadership roster on the history page of our website—but wait, we also welcome self-nominations. If ten people mention your name, you automatically make the ballot. We welcome engagement by enthusiastic members who have not served on the Board previously.

New Society Journal

I invite all readers to express their opinions on a proposed second journal for the Society. We are exploring the launch of a new peer-reviewed journal that would focus on practice in pediatric psychology, including case reports and other applied practice articles that currently do not fit well in the JPP because of competition with primary research papers. APA has expressed a strong interest in assisting us with launching the new journal, although the cost per member would potentially increase dues by $20. The Society’s Board of Directors will need to make a decision about this project early in 2012, and we would like to know your thoughts. Please do so by sending an email message with the word “new journal” on the subject line.

In closing, I want to express my gratitude for having the opportunity to serve as your president in 2011. We have built a very strong platform for advancing the care of children in pediatric settings and I have enjoyed participating very much.