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SPP faculty awards

The deadline for nominations is Dec. 1, 2012
The Lee Salk Distinguished Service Award

The Lee Salk Distinguished Service Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the Society of Pediatric Psychology or to the field of pediatric psychology generally. Examples of types of significant contribution include:

  • Public or political advocacy or leadership

  • Significant and extensive prevention or intervention program development, implementation and dissemination

  • Development and implementation of significant and influential service or training models; professional leadership in other professional or public organizations that benefit the field of pediatric psychology

  • Substantial influential production of scholarship that is not necessarily empirical

This award is not given in recognition of those usual or expected contributions to the SPP provided by its elected officials. However, it can be given to a previous Executive Committee member to recognize organization contributions substantially beyond those expected.

The Logan Wright Distinguished Research Award

The Logan Wright Distinguished Research Award [now the Dennis Drotar Distinguished Research Award in Pediatric Psychology] recognizes excellence and significant contributions in establishing the scientific base of pediatric psychology. The importance of this research award becomes more evident as the field moves from the intuitive to an empirical base.

The Martin Levin Mentorship Award

The Martin P. Levin Mentorship Award honors faculty in pediatric psychology who mentor students in an exemplary way, providing professional advice and guidance through various phases of the graduate program.

Routh Early Career Award in Pediatric Psychology

The Routh Early Career Award is designed to recognize significant contributions of a member of SPP to the field of pediatric psychology. To qualify for the award, an SPP member must have received his or her PhD no longer than seven years prior to the APA meeting date in which the honor is awarded. The Early Career Award reflects contributions to the field of pediatric psychology in research, clinical training and service.

A letter of nomination outlining accomplishments and a curriculum vitae for all faculty awards should be sent by Dec. 1, 2012 to:

Tonya Palermo PhD
Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute
PO Box 5371
Seattle, WA 98145-5005