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Article submissions for the JPP or the CPPP

Does your paper belong in Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology or the Journal of Pediatric Psychology?

By Grayson N. Holmbeck, PhD, Jennifer Shroff Pendley, and W. Douglas Tynan, PhD

It is very exciting that Division 54 will now have two journals: The Journal of Pediatric Psychology (JPP) and Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology (CPPP). The specifics about CPPP are discussed in an accompanying article in this newsletter.

Of course, there will be some topics that will overlap between the two journals. Indeed, we suspect that everyone could benefit from some guidance about which types of papers to submit to which journal.

Although the mission of JPP has not changed (see this mission statement in any issue of JPP), some papers that would have been sent to JPP in the past are probably now better directed to CPPP.

Additional Guidance

  1. Outcome papers on randomized clinical trials (i.e., efficacy studies) can be sent to JPP but applications of such interventions in the real world (e.g., effectiveness studies) or small-scale efficacy studies can be sent to CPPP.

  2. Although there may be some exceptions, most case studies should be sent to CPPP.

  3. Papers related to professional practice issues, training, funding of clinical services, workforce analyses, or government policies should be sent to CPPP.

  4. Papers on clinical innovations and technology could be sent to either journal, depending on the topic.

  5. Review papers can be sent to either journal, depending on the topic. Please note that JPP will only be accepting submissions of systematic reviews beginning in 2013 (e.g., quantitative reviews, such as meta-analyses).

Most importantly, the co-editors of CPPP and the editor of JPP are always available to help you make such submission decisions. For CPPP contact Jennifer Shroff Pendley or W. Douglas Tynan and for JPP, contact Grayson Holmbeck.