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New SPP Student Advisory Board members

Meet the four new student members

Katharine Donlon, MSKatharine Donlon, MS
Virginia Tech
Mentor: Russell Jones, PhD
Research Interests: Traumatic stress related to pediatric chronic illness and injury, coping in children and families who have experienced medical stress, traumatic and acquired brain injury


Elizabeth S. Molzon, MSElizabeth S. Molzon, MS
Oklahoma State University
Mentor: Larry L. Mullins, PhD
Research Interests: Adherence to medical and behavioral treatment and impact of chronic illness on the family system


Cathy Odar, MACathy Odar, MA
University of Kansas
Mentor: Michael C. Roberts, PhD, ABPP
Research Interests: Special needs populations, diet and overweight in children with autism spectrum disorders, mealtime behaviors, behavioral interventions for overweight, children with type 1 diabetes


Rachelle R. Ramsey, MSRachelle R. Ramsey, MS
Oklahoma State University
Mentor: John M. Chaney, PhD
Research Interests: Parent and child cognitive appraisal variables as predictors of adjustment within the context of pediatric chronic illness, barriers to health care and adherence, adolescent autonomy, and self-management


Margo M. Szabo

Margo M. Szabo
West Virginia University
Mentor: Christina L. Duncan, PhD
Research Interests: adherence to medical and behavioral treatment recommendations, family-based interventions to improve disease management, child and family adjustment to chronic medical conditions, pediatric sleep