NCPP 2013 Poster Award Winners

Several NCPP 2013 poster winners are announced.

Following are poster award winners from the 2013 National Conference in Pediatric Psychology in New Orleans.

Poster Award Winners

Title: Electronic Diary Momentary Pain Intensity Ratings Mediate the Association Between Sleep Quality and Functional Disability in Children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthris

Authors: Maggie H. Bromberg, MA; Mark Connelly, PhD; Kelly K. Anthony, PhD; Karen M. Gil, PhD; and Laura E. Schanberg, MD
University of North Carolina

Title: Blood Pressure Across Time and Associations with Metabolic Control and Known Risks in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
Authors: Amy Hughes, Cynthia Berg and Deborah Wiebe
University of Utah

Title: Parental Monitoring as a Buffer against Age-related Differences in Glycemic Control (HbA1c) in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes
Authors: Elizabeth M. Robinson, MS; Rusan Chen, PhD; Katy E. Maher, MS; Adrienne P. Borschuk, MS; Laura J. Caccavale, BA; Zach Radcliff, BS; Anil Kumar, MD; Randi Streisand, PhD; and Clarissa S. Holmes, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University

Title: Discrepancies in Fertility Risk Perceptions and Communication Among Providers and Adolescents Newly Diagnosed with Cancer
Authors: Jessica L. Simmons, Kathryn M. Russell, Kristin E. Canavera, Gina M. Sabbatini and James L. Klosky
St. Judes Research Hospital

Title: The role of Overweight Perception and Depressive Symptoms in Child and Adolescent Unhealthy Weight Control Behaviors: A Serial Mediation Model
Authors: Sarah C. Westin, Bridget Armstrong and David M. Janicke, PhD
University of Florida