Sean R. Evers, PhDSean R. Evers, PhD, MSCP is a clinical psychologist and director of a multidisciplinary private practice in Manasquan, New Jersey. He also serves as a consultant to the local Vets Center, the New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and is a member of the New Jersey Board of Psychological Examiners. He is a former president of the New Jersey Psychological Association, the New Jersey Psychological Foundation and a founding director of The New Jersey Academy of Medical Psychologists. Evers received his MA in psychology from the New School for Social Research, Graduate Faculty Center, his PhD in clinical psychology from the School of Professional Psychology, Florida Institute of Technology and his postdoctoral MS in clinical psychopharmacology from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Div. 55 President-Elect

Virginia Waters, PhDVirginia Waters, PhD, MSCP

I am pleased and excited to be serving Div. 55 as president-elect for 2017. I was born to be a psychologist from the beginning, for I have been fascinated by both the art and science of human behavior, mental health and mental illness, and the ways people could be taught how to maximize their growth and evolution. I majored in psychology as an undergraduate at Finch College, received a PhD in School Psychology from Columbia University, and a fellowship in clinical psychology from the Albert Ellis Institute, before entering private practice in 1976. I rather uneventfully maintained private practices in New York and New Jersey for the next 24 years. Since I have always been curious and interested in expanding my clinical skills, I continued to pursue training in hypnosis, relationship counseling, sex therapy, forensic psychology, dream work and many other sub-specialties that I could integrate into my work with patients.

Seeking training in psychopharmacology was a natural extension of my desire to continue adding tools to my clinical tool kit. For many years I took workshops in medication management before entering the first training cohort at Fairleigh Dickinson University. I exited FDU with a Master’s of Science degree in Psychopharmacology in 2002 and passed the PEP a few weeks later. When I entered the psychopharmacology program I had not fully realized the where it would lead me, for not only was I pursuing the academic training, I had also committed to a path of advocacy.

I realize the unique role Div. 55 plays in the arenas of clinical practice, research, academics and public education, and advocacy. While serving this division for the next few years, it is my goal to create more collaboration and communication among states so we can maximize our impact, to better serve the profession and our patients. The journey continues.

Div. 55 Past President

Neal R. Morris, EdD, MS, CBSM, ABPP-CLNeal R. Morris, EdD, MS, CBSM, ABPP-CL is in clinical practice in Bethesda, Maryland and Moorefield, West Virginia. He is a graduate of the counseling and school psychology program at the University of South Dakota. His postdoctoral MS in clinical psychopharmacology was granted by CSPP/Alliant International University. After teaching at the University of Iowa from 1976-83 he moved to Washington, D.C. opening a practice in child and family and health psychology. In addition, he was the founding chair of psychology at Suburban Hospital/Johns Hopkins (Bethesda) and a member of the active admitting staff for 22 years. He was a senior research fellow at NIH's Clinical Center in Pain and Palliative Care for eight years. Morris has a part-time rural health clinic collaborative service practice in West Virginia. He is a past president of the Maryland Psychological Association and currently serves the West Virginia Psychological Association as chair of professional affairs and parliamentarian. He is board-certified in clinical psychology (ABPP) and sleep psychology/behavioral sleep medicine (CBSM). He serves as Div. 55's liaison to CAPP and as vice-chair of APA's RxP Designation Committee; he is a former member of APA's Council of Representatives. He currently serves as chair of the Maryland Board of Examiners of Psychologists. His practice is focused on collaborative practice and pharmacotherapy consultation service models.