Dissertation Award in Developmental Psychology

This award recognizes an individual whose dissertation is deemed to be an outstanding contribution to developmental psychology.


Sponsor: Division 7


This award is given to an individual whose dissertation is judged to be an outstanding contribution to developmental psychology. Award winning dissertations demonstrate strong contribution to developmental science and theory through asking important questions and displaying theoretical rationale and systematic methods. A distinguished dissertation includes a well written summary and is publishable in a top journal.

Award winners will be invited to address the following year’s APA Annual Convention, during which the awards will be presented by the membership of Div. 7 of APA.

The selection committee is chaired by the APA Div. 7 past president. Winners serve with the past president on the selection committee for the following year.


The nominee must have completed his/her dissertation as part of a developmental graduate program.

The nominee must have participated in his/her dissertation defense during the current or prior calendar year of the award.

How to Apply

The annual deadline is March 15.

Nominations should include:

  • An electronic summary of the research (maximum of 2,000 words, excluding references).

  • Electronic letter form the chair of the student’s dissertation committee attesting to the student’s primary and major contributions to the research and explaining why the dissertation is worthy of the award.

Please email nominations to the chair of the Dissertation Award Committee:

Jacquelynne S. Eccles (2017-18)
School of Education
University of California
Irvine, CA 92697

Past Recipients
2018: Mark Wade and Jessica Longheed
2017: Kristen Tummeltshammer
: Maria Laura Filippetti
2015: Larisa Heiphetz
2014: Hyowon Gweon
2013: David Yeager
2012: Amrisha Vaish and Carrie Masten
2011: Kiley Hamlin
2010: Kate Monahan
2009: No winner
2008: Jessica Horst
2007: Florrie Fei-Yin Ng
2006: Lyscha Marcynyszyn
2005: Vaishali Rava
2004: Susan Birch 
2003: Ariel Knafo, Heidi Gazelle
2002: Sophie Jacques, Stacey Horn
2001: Earl Williams
2000: Ashley Elisabeth Maynard
1999: Theo Linda Dawson
1998: Ariana Shahinfar
1997: Susan Toth
1996: Eunhui Lee
1995: Thomas Lyon
1994: Derek Montgomery
1993: Martha Ann Bell
1992: Angeline Lillard
1991: Reiko Masuka
1990: Lisa Jane Bridges
1989: Dymphna C. van den Boom