Boyd McCandless Award

This award recognizes young scientists who have made distinguished contributions to developmental psychology.


Sponsor: Division 7


The Boyd McCandless Award recognizes a young scientist who has made a distinguished theoretical contribution to developmental psychology, has conducted programmatic research of distinction, or has made a distinguished contribution to the dissemination of developmental science. The award is for continued efforts rather than a single outstanding work.

The award winner will be invited to address the following year’s meeting of the APA, during which .the award will be presented by the membership of Div. 7 of the APA.

Winners serve as committee chairs for the following year’s award.


Scientists who are within seven years of completing their doctoral degree are eligible.

How to Apply

The annual deadline is March 15.

Nominations should include:

  • A letter of nomination.

  • The nominees curriculum vitae.

  • Up to four representative publications.

  • Suggestions for potential referees.

Please email nomination materials to the chair of the selection committee:

David Yeager
Developmental Psychology
University of Texas, Austin

Past Recipients

2018: David Yeager
Willem Frankenhuis, Luke Hyde, Marjorie Rhodes
: Cristine Legare
2015: Felix Warneken
2014: Adriana Galvan
2013: Nicole McNeil, PhD
2012: Bob McMurray
2011: Daniel Ansari
2010: Glenn Roisman, Lisa Feigenson
2009: Simona Ghetti
2008: Kevin Pelphrey
2007: George Hollich
2006: Hirokazu Yoshikawa
2005: Lisa Diamond
2004: Seth Pollak
2003: No Award
2002: Kelly Mix, Jenny Saffran, Patrick Davies, Elena Grigorenko
2001: Thomas O'Connor, Andrew Fuligni, Yuko Munakata
2000: Amanda Woodward
1999: Angeline Lillard
1998: Karen Adolph, Deborah Capaldi
1997: Suniya Luthar
1996: Jeffrey Parker, Philip David Zelazo
1995: Nicki Crick, Daniel Shaw
1994: Dare A. Baldwin
1993: John H. Richters
1992: Judy A. Garber
1991: Jude A. Cassidy
1990: Barbara Landau, Simon Baron-Cohen
1989: Renee Baillargeon, Deborah Phillips, James W. Stigler
1988: Susan Gelman, Laura Pettito, Ross Thompson
1987: Martin Ford, Catherine Sophian, Susan Sugarman
1986: Philip Kellman; Carol Malatesta, Steven Pinker
1985: Bennett Bertenthal, Kenneth Dodge
1984: Elizabeth Spelke, Esther Thelen
1983: Jay Belsky, Dante Cicchetti, Frank Keil
1982: Michelene Chi, Robert Sternberg
1981: Richard Aslin, Martin Banks, Marion Perlmutter, Everett Waters
1980: Robert Kail, Stanley Kuczaj
1979: Elizabeth Ann Bates, Tiffany Field, Robert Siegler;
1978: Mark Bornstein, Stephen Kosslyn, Michael Lamb, Michael Maratsos