National Multicultural Conference and Summit

National Multicultural Conference and Summit

The biennial National Multicultural Conference and Summit gathers scientists, practitioners, scholars and students, in psychology and related fields, to inform and inspire multicultural theory, research and practice.

2015 NMCS

The 2015 National Multicultural Conference and Summit will be an exciting and innovative summit rooted in the values of our founders. As multicultural psychologists, we embrace diversity, and reflect on the intersections of oppression and privilege. NMCS 2015 welcomes educators, policy makers, researchers and clinicians to reflect on what we have accomplished and consider where we need to go. In the spirit of Sankofa, we will look back to move forward.

The summit will provide a welcoming space to explore the question, “relative to science, service, training and policy, what has the multicultural psychology movement not yet accomplished?” Programming, including keynotes and “difficult dialogues,” is designed to provide a safe space to explore this question and seek answers.

Join us in 2015 to reflect within and reach out, to remove the borders that limit us and celebrate psychology without borders. Registration opens in September 2014.

About NMCS

The National Multicultural Conference and Summit convenes scientists, practitioners, scholars and students, in psychology and related fields, to inform and inspire multicultural theory, research and practice. Multiculturalism is envisioned as inclusive of experiences related to age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, indigenous heritage, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, social class and socioeconomic status, and other social identities. The NMCS occurs every other year and will occur again in 2015.

2015 NMCS Objectives
  1. To create a welcoming forum for the exchange of ideas regarding multiculturalism and disparities reduction between psychologists, trainees and related health professionals.
  2. To prepare psychologists, trainees, educators and related health professionals to address the needs of diverse people worldwide through multicultural education, health, well-being, policy and advocacy.
  3. To support the dissemination of knowledge by experts in multicultural psychology to professionals, trainees and organizations invested in multicultural concerns.
  4. To demonstrate the applicability of multicultural psychology to the daily functioning of individuals, groups, organizations and educational institutions.
  5. To build linkages and collaborations among psychologists, trainees, related health professionals, clients, consumers and communities to support economic and social justice.
NMCS History

In 1999, leaders in the field of psychology came together in Newport Beach, Calif., to address a pressing concern in the United States — the growing mental health needs of historically marginalized groups and disenfranchised individuals. Over two days, scientists, practitioners, scholars and students discussed how psychology could better serve our diverse country and drafted proposals to address this need. It was a historic meeting that has grown into a biennial conference — the National Multicultural Conference and Summit (NMCS).

Since that first NMCS, attendees have emerged from the NMCS with greater awareness, knowledge, and skills that they have been able to incorporate into their work. From learning about research on the insidious dangers of covert racism to experiencing first-hand the effect of unintentional bigotry, the NMCS has served to remind us that psychologists must always be mindful of the impact of discriminatory environments and that we ourselves are not exempt from discriminatory views.

It is the combined effect of learning and experiencing at the NMCS that has led to its growing success — from 550 attendees at the 1999 NMCS to over 800 attendees at the 2013 NMCS.

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