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Awards and Grants


Div. 1 presents eight annual awards at the APA convention.

  • Anne Anastasi General Psychology Graduate Student Research Awards
    The Anne Anastasi awards, named for APA past-president and funded by the Anne Anastasi Foundation, are given to two outstanding psychology graduate students, one in the first two years of graduate study and the second in more than two years of graduate study. Application deadline: Feb. 15
  • Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award
    This award recognizes excellence in student research based upon a poster presented at the Div. 1 poster session at APA's Annual Convention. Deadline for poster submissions: Dec. 3
  • William James Book Award
    This award is intended to honor and publicize a book, published in the past two years, that is an outstanding example of bringing together diverse subfields of psychology and related disciplines. Application deadline: Feb. 15
  • Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award
    This award recognizes an individual who has made significant and long-lasting contributions to general psychology consistent with the mission and goals of Div. 1. Application deadline: Feb. 15
  • George A. Miller Award for an Outstanding Recent Article on General Psychology
    This award is presented for an outstanding article on general psychology, published within the past three years. Application deadline: Feb. 15.
  • Arthur W. Staats Lecture for Unifying Psychology
    This award honors an individual who has made contributions toward the integration of psychology. The award winner is invited to present the Arthur W. Staats lecture at APA's Annual Convention, with support provided by the American Psychological Foundation. Deadline for nominations: Feb. 15
  • C. Alan Boneau Award
    This award honors an individual for outstanding contributions to the division and its activities.
  • Div. 1 Citizen Psychologist Award
    This award honors a member of the division who has improved the lives of others through voluntary efforts. Deadline for nominations: Feb. 15


  •  The Mary Whiton Calkins Grant
    This award, funded through the American Psychological Foundation, supports the research of faculty who teach at primarily undergraduate serving institutions and who identify undergraduate education as their primary focus.
Date created: 2012

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