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Committees and Task Forces


Awards Committee
Coordinator: Brian J. Ayotte, PhD
Co-Coordinator:  Kimberly Warren, PhD
Anastasi Award Chair: Vacant
Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award: Vacant  
Mary Whiton Calkins Grant Chair: Charlene Chester, PhD
Citizen Psychologist Award Chair: Vacant 

Membership Committee
Chair: Miraj Desai, PhD

Fellows Committee
Chair: Chair Grant Rich, PhD

Programming Committee/Convention
Chair 2022: Alicia Trotman, PhD
Co-chair 2022: Barbara Thelamour, PhD

Finance Committee
Chair: David Devonis, PhD

Publications Committee
Chair: Seungyeon Lee, PhD

Task Forces

Ethics Task Force Liaison
Darcia Narvaez, PhD

Social Media Task Force
Emily Keener
Clare Mehta
Lisa Osbeck
Kasey Power

Last updated: September 2021Date created: March 2012
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