Committees and Task Forces


Awards Committee
Coordinator: Jocelyn Turner-Musa
Anastasi Award Chair: Carrol Perrino
Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award: Nicholas Noviello

Mary Whiton Calkins Grant
Chair: Mark Sciutto

Membership Committee
Chair: Emily Keener

Fellows Committee
Chair: Barney Beins, PhD

Programming Committee/Convention
Chair 2017: Clare Mehta
Chairs 2018: Phyllis Wentworth and Emily Dow

Finance Committee
Chair 2017: Irene Frieze, PhD

Publications Committee
Chair 2018: Irene Frieze, PhD

Task Forces

Digital Communications Task Force
Avis Jackson
Jennifer Bazar
Ian Davidson
Emily Dow
Emily Keener
Clare Mehta
Lisa Osbeck
Kasey Power


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